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ARC Review: Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander

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Book summary:
Charlie Hanson has a clear vision of his future. A senior at Brighton School of Mathematics and Science, he knows he’ll graduate, go to MIT, and inevitably discover solutions to the universe’s greatest unanswered questions. He’s that smart. But Charlie’s future blurs the moment he reaches out to touch the tattoo on a beautiful girl’s neck.

The future has never seemed very kind to Charlotte Finch, so she’s counting on the present. She’s not impressed by the strange boy at the donut shop—until she learns he’s a student at Brighton where her sister has just taken a job as the English teacher. With her encouragement, Charlie orchestrates the most effective prank campaign in Brighton history. But, in doing so, he puts his own future in jeopardy.

By the time he learns she's ill—and that the pranks were a way to distract Ms. Finch from Charlotte’s illness—Charlotte’s gravitational pull is too great to overcome. Soon he must choose between the familiar formulas he’s always relied on or the girl he’s falling for (at far more than 32 feet per second squared).
        Warning: I feel like it's my duty to warn you that you'll see this book connected and compared to the other cancer book we all have heard of. While the reasons for that are there and the comparison is justified in my opinion, I also want to say that this is not just another TFIOS wannabe, and it's much much more than that.

        Meet Charlie or I would like to call him one of the sweetest and cutest male character I have ever seen. By those adjectives I don't refer to his looks, but to his character. He is maybe your typical high school nerd, who loves everything science related and somehow believes that it's the only thing he will dedicate his life to (but lets face it we all though that when we discovered things that we were good at). But soon enough someone will show him that life is much more than that and that there are things that he is yet to discover. And all also that you don't necessarily have to be good at something to do it. What counts are lessons that you learn in the process and Charlie learned a lot.
Also heck to the author who did an amazing job with writing this book in male POV and boy, did she deliver.

       Then there is Charlotte, a girl you will grow to love and her wit and quirky sense of humor will make you laugh out loud. She is a fighter, a girl that while experiencing a great deal of injustice from the universe still fights and decides that maybe she can't win the war, but there are always battles to be won.

      So instead of saying more I'll just make a list. List of things this book made me do:
  • laugh
  • cry
  • laugh out loud (you should consider not reading this when people are around as how can you explain that you're laughing so much with this kind of story?) 
  • love (characters, story, life,...) 
  • think (about characters, story, life,..)
  • feel (everything) 
  • appreciate (books mostly and my decision to be a reader) (and authors, too - for being our heroes who give us stories that we love, without even meeting us first, when some people whom we have met did so little in comparison)
  • give second chance (to the publisher in this case as - Entangled, I regret ever thinking that you only published same old romance stories. I'm sorry.) 
     Finally, I think I want to recommend this book to people who didn't like TFIOS and think that they won't like any other cancer book (I can think of few) as Charlie and his story might surprise you.

Rating: 5 stars.

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*Note: Copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher, Entangled Teen, via NetGalley. Thank you!

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  1. I always have to prepare myself for these reads but I love them at the same time and I just know I will love this one.

    Wonderful review!

  2. I was already super excited for this book and now that excitement has doubled! I just preordered this as I was debating getting it and then I read your review and now I NEED it! =)

    Great review!

  3. It sounds like a really intense one, and a good one too! I'm quite curious because the few reviews I saw were great!

  4. Charlie sounds wonderful... I need to pick this one up

  5. I was very curious about this one Tanja when I saw it on NG but my history with TFIOS, although I did like it at the time of reading it, now I'm not so much into this sort genre of reading because of it. Does that sound bad, but it does sound like an intense emotional story, maybe I'll give it ago in the future. :) Lovely review, Tanja! :)

  6. I like how you structured this review, Tanja, and it was really effective. I was planning to just bypass this as another cancer book but you've made me think twice and want to give this one a try. So glad you enjoyed it and wonderful review, dear! :)

  7. I was wary of this one but with such a glowing review, how can I resist... Great review :)

  8. Tanja you just made me incredibly nervous for this one. I feel like I'm going to feel EVERYTHING while reading this book. Oh boy! Great review!

  9. I was really excited about this book because it had a damn fluffy cover and I was enjoying it while I was reading it, especially Charlie's character, but once I knew for certain what was going on, I was a bit annoyed, mostly because I'm sick of books that romanticize cancer. I know I'm being pessimistic, but things like this don't happen to people with cancer. It's an ugly, terrifying and utterly sad condition and seeing it as a plot in books pretty much enrages me.
    Anyways, I am glad you loved this book so much. It's always the best feeling when you find a book that you love. :)
    Lovely review!

  10. I am glad you loved this one, but I just can't do a cancer book right now.

  11. When only a list will do in a review, you know the book was either really good or really bad, so YAY on it being the former in this case. It's great when an author can make to experience a wide range of emotions while reading AND make you think.

  12. I'm convinced. I NEED THIS BOOK! It sounds so ME! And cancer books can be funny. I think some people have trouble understanding that. It's not all sadness. Yes. Have to have this!

  13. Ooh the full five stars! I have to read this! I didn't love TFiOS, but I do think there are probably some more good books on this subject that I can learn from. I loved the title of this book from the moment I heard it and everything has lived up to it since then. TBR here I come!

    Check out my review and giveaway: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/10/sherlock-holmes-movie-review-2009.html

  14. wow that's some praise right over here! you convinced me. I'm not a crazy TFiOS fan, i enjoyed the book, that is it. I am always happy to read other books with the same topic (JG doesn't own that topic, something he is sure to agree with). So knowing that this book made you laugh, cry, and all the other stuff, I'm adding it to my tbr for sure!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  15. Aww this sounds like such a good read! I'm not super fan of books with cancer because they're sad and I usually don't like sad that much (TFIOS was good though!!) Still, I'd like to meet that Charlie very much. ^^ So will read it maybe next month . Fantastic review, Tanja! :)

  16. I would like to read this book NOW! Great review.

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  17. Okay, I know Glass is currently reading this book (yeah, I stalk you both). I also know that she's reading it on your recommendation. Well, I am curious about this book which is why I did not read your review. The first word "warning" had me not go further. I'm sorry about that Tanja, but I really hope to read this book soon and then I shall get back here, read your review and we'll discuss it. *hugs*

    Sarika @ The Readdicts



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