About Us

     Ja čitam, a ti? loosely translated from Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian (call it whatever you like - basically, it is the same language!) means I'm a reader, what about you?

     Girls behind this blog are two friends who met via Goodreads - Tanja (aka Tanychy) and Glass! They share love for reading, sweet love stories, strong female characters and swoon worthy book boys!

     Glass is high school teacher and journalist who likes to relax with a good book after long day of dealing with teenagers, grading papers and being responsible grown up figure. By the way, she hates being grown up - that's why Glass can be found with her eyes glued to her Kindle enjoying stories about love, friendship, vampires, werewolves  magic and, quite often, erotic twists with serious affection for kinkiness. She reads a lot of different genes including both adult and young adult novels.

     Tanja is 20-something years young bookworm. That first sentence tells you a lot about her. You can notice that she is still a kid at heart, that she loves books and that she is a rebel. She lives in many different worlds from Neverland, Narnia, Wonderland to Middle Earth or Idris, Nevernever and many more, so you can understand that fantasy is her favorite genre but from time to time she makes a trip to this realm and meets a character or two. Her days are spent playing with her friends Peter Pan, The Little Prince, and in deep and serious conversations with Gandalf, and even sometimes making out with Aiden, Mr. Darcy or Kai. Also she has degrees from Hogwarts, Vampire Academy and some others, but has recently added a new degree, this time English major one, to her shelf. You can find her from time to time in this realm, but bare in mind that the best places to look are the landing spots called Twitter and Goodreads.

     Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to meet us! We hope you are going to follow us and come back again!

Until next time, 



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