24. sij 2015.

November Blue and Thompson Sisters Boxed Sets - On Sale!

Have you checked out the Thompson Sisters? Or the November Blue Series? Both are well loved by readers, with combined thousands of reviews on Amazon and other online booksellers!


Now is your chance to get them at a bargain price never before seen, with each boxed set priced less than the individual titles, at only $2.99 each!

Here's what people say about these series:

November Blue

This is the series that started my love affair with all things written by Andrea Randall

Thompson Sisters

This is one of the best series I have ever read. It will build anticipation, make your heart beat so much faster, give you twists and turns you couldn't think of, and give you the most epic ending ever. So worth the read!

 Purchase Links

November Blue
Thompson Sisters Boxed Set Volume 1
Thompson Sisters Boxed Set Volume 2

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2 komentara:

  1. I actually hadn't heard of either of these before but you've got me interested! I'll have to take advantage of these sales! Thanks for the heads up Glass :)

  2. I haven't heard of either of these series but it sounds like a good deal if you wanted to try them. :)



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