6. pro 2014.

The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

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My rating: 5 stars

Book summary:

"If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.

Someone found him in a laundry basket at the Quick Wash, wrapped in a towel, a few hours old and close to death. They called him Baby Moses when they shared his story on the ten o’clock news – the little baby left in a basket at a dingy Laundromat, born to a crack addict and expected to have all sorts of problems. I imagined the crack baby, Moses, having a giant crack that ran down his body, like he’d been broken at birth. I knew that wasn’t what the term meant, but the image stuck in my mind. Maybe the fact that he was broken drew me to him from the start.

It all happened before I was born, and by the time I met Moses and my mom told me all about him, the story was old news and nobody wanted anything to do with him. People love babies, even sick babies. Even crack babies. But babies grow up to be kids, and kids grow up to be teenagers. Nobody wants a messed up teenager.

And Moses was messed up. Moses was a law unto himself. But he was also strange and exotic and beautiful. To be with him would change my life in ways I could never have imagined. Maybe I should have stayed away. Maybe I should have listened. My mother warned me. Even Moses warned me. But I didn’t stay away.

And so begins a story of pain and promise, of heartache and healing, of life and death. A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. But most of all...a love story.


      If you are fan of new adult novels, there is no way that you haven't heard about Amy Harmon. The most popular book she wrote is probably Making Faces, a story about group of friends, war and loss. I still haven't read that one, and truth to be told, I had a lot of doubts first time I noticed it on Goodreads. Back then, a lot of my friends read and raved about certain books, I got interested and picked up the book. In the end, I was left wondering is it me, them or the book - because I couldn't find any of those things they had loved so much. That is the main reason why I still haven't read Making Faces, but when I saw this beautiful cover for The Law of Moses and read synopsis, I was intrigued. Now, I can only say that I'm happy for reading it.

      The Law of Moses Five Greats:

  • Emotional and beautiful story. This is one of those books you will read with your heart, soul, mind and body, that will leave you drained and full at the same time. You will try to read it slowly because you'll want to make it last just a little bit longer. Your heart will hurt, your body will tingle, your lips will curl into a lazy smile and open in a sigh. Maybe your eyes will roll few times, but nothing you won't be able to get over. You'll want to slap some of the characters and in the next moment drag your fingers over someone's  skin and feel them shiver. You will feel so many things. 
  • Moses and Georgia. If I ever wanted to scream "I ship them!" it would be while I read The Law of Moses. And I absolutely hate "shipping". Amy Harmon leaves you with no other choice than to get involved with the lives of her characters. In those few hours you become them - that's how powerful her writing is.
  • Colors and lines. I know that this doesn't make much sense, but you will know what I meant when you read the book.
  • Thought-provoking. Yes, there is drama and angst and even few cliches of the genre, but also The Law of Moses is a book that makes you think and question your beliefs. Amy Harmon does write more religious centered stores, but if you do not prefer topics like that, I assure, this is not one of those books that tries to convince you to become Catholic (or Jewish or Muslim). I do not like books with religious aspect and I adored this book. (On the other hand, Running Barefoot is a completely different matter.) 
  • Unexpected twist. There is this... lets say thing to avoid spoilers, that I have not expected and I'm grateful that I haven't read any reviews or comments that could have made me enjoy reading The Law of Moses less.

      Final judgement? Beautiful and heartbreaking story that you will wish to read all over again, recommended even for those who are not fans of new adult.

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  1. Not absolutely a fan of new adult, so the fact that you are recommending it even to non-NA readers is very intriguing. I think its being thought-provoking makes me want to read it the most, because I simply love it when a book is able to make me think. For me, it's important that a book doesn't only entertain you, it also pushes you to question the things around you, because what results is a more informed and critical reader. ^_^

    Thanks for this review, Glass! HEARTS!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. Hi there! I really like this review, definitely going to put it up on my to-read list now. Would you mind checking out my blog (with some book reviews) as well? I'd really appreciate it! My-negligible-life.blogspot.com

  3. New adult is hit and miss for me, but this one sounds good! I was worried about the religious themes, but if you don't like them either and it worked for you, I think I will give it a try. Great review :)

  4. I have never read anything by this author, but this story peaked my interest. Great review, Glass!

  5. I am definitely picking this one up!

  6. This sounds like a book I definitely have to add to my TBR! I love the cover, it looks gorgeous. As well as that, the synopsis itself made me curious. I am always drawn to characters who face their own demons, and Moses sounds like just the character. I am curious to know what happens to them. Awesome review!

  7. Wow, although this one may have a few religious undertones, I'm glad to hear they actually went down well for once, Glass! The couple sounds amazing too, I didn't get shipping at the start but now I've fully embraced it. Wonderful review!

  8. Ohh, I cannot wait to read this book! I have heard nothing but amazing things about it so far, and I am really glad to hear that it isn't overly preachy (I had been worried about that!) so thanks so much for letting us know. Great review, I am adding it to my wishlist now!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  9. Wow, now I have to read this one!! Making Faces was a book I picked up at random and it really was beautiful. I hope you do decide to read it one day!! I hope I'll want to scream 'I ship them' with you once I've read this one!! :D

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

  10. I am a fan of Amy Harmon, especially Making faces so I will definitely read this one, I am a sucker for these kinds of stories. I am glad you loved it, great review :)



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