13. pro 2014.

The Empyrean Key by J.L. Tomlinson

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Book summary:
In Ardentia, a land carved by the Celestials and their magic, a great King lies dying. 
Narcean soothsayer, Friziel Sunrender, has foreseen a shadow that threatens this already war-torn world, and whispers on the wind hint at the return of an ancient evil. To stave off this threat, he must call upon the halfbreed girl-child he banished years ago. 
As a not-so-perceptive telepath and amateur scam-runner, Jahna Mornglow has filled the void left by an absent father, with the friendships of a bloodthirsty bar-maid and a bullied book-worm. Her mother, scarred by the racial prejudices of her past, refuses to nurture Jahna's Narcean abilities of prophecy and telepathy, warning her of the hate beyond the safety of Groden Cove – a beachside safe haven for misfits and those who wish to be left alone. 
When hidden enemies move their pieces into play as the King's condition worsens; Jahna learns the true extent of her lineage, and is tasked with restoring a Celestial artifact known as The Empyrean Key. Jahna must now keep safe the world that has shunned and discarded her. 
        If you have read that blurb and figured out that this book is a fantasy, set in a new world and with that huge adventure coming on then you might think it's a right book for me. I did, so when I got a review request for it and I read this blurb it was screaming my name and I always answer to books.

       So as I already said this book is a really great adventure story with a really interesting plot. I was really happy to be thrown into another world again. Here we are firstly in Groden Cave where we meet Jahna, our main character of the story. Besides her we meet her two best friend, one of them is a nerd and the other is a strongman or better said strongwoman. That is the point which makes this story not just interesting, but also hilarious. I enjoyed reading about reversed roles here and it was so much fun to have a girl who is the strong one and a boy whose nose is always in a book. Back to Jahna, well you probably assume that she is not that ordinary and she is not in fact. After discovering the truth about her origin she is read for the quest. That quest is also where she will meet some interesting faces and among them a really interesting boy.

        As you can see this story has everything anyone could ask for. A really great main character who is easy to connect with and besides her a really great side characters who make this story interesting and fun. With all that a quest which seems tough and where you cannot wait to see what happens next.

      The only reason why I didn't enjoy this book fully is that there were moments when this story was really predictable and that did bother me. Although, at moments this story seemed for younger readers and it probably is meant for them so I understood that and I could enjoy it. The other thing that I wish I had seen here was the map of this world. I know that it is not possible to have it with small publishers or self publishing, but hopefully one day when this book gets published by some serious publisher (and it certainly deserves it) I hope to see one.

      But all in all, even though younger readers will probably enjoy this book more, still my young heart was able to connect with it and fully enjoy it.

Rating: 4 stars.

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  1. Predictability can be a bad thing, especially in a book that you are excited about.

    Thanks for the honest review!

  2. I featured this author not long ago and was thinking I need to check out some reviews. It sounds like it's definitely worth reading. I'm so glad you ended up enjoying it quite a lot!
    I'm with you on the maps, LOVE them! Maybe one day...

  3. I'm glad that you weren't let down by this once since it was such a highly anticipated read for you!

  4. A strong female protagonist. Check. A dramatic plot. Check. I'm a little iffy on the predictability aspect of this novel. I've been having this problem a lot lately with some of my recent reads. Nevertheless, I'm glad you enjoyed The Empryean Key.

    Thanks for the review Tanja!
    Matilda @ Characterized

  5. Hmm, this sounds interesting and I am glad you ended up enjoying it



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