12. pro 2014.

Bookish Problems #18 - Do we have to love every book?

Hiya. So it seems like both Glass and I get inspired for these Bookish Problems as we really get to prepare one for each week. But needless to say we love all the discussions and comments coming from you! It's really great to see how different we are sometimes. 

Back on today's topic. I was reading a book recently and well half way through I just stopped and wondered should I feel something? Should I connect with the characters? Should I this, or should I that!

So the answer is I SHOULD NOT or at least not always. While being a reader you have to understand that not every book is for you and that you won't enjoy every book. And while sometimes you might be the guilty one, it doesn't always have to be you. Sometimes just the main character is not speaking to you or sometimes you just cannot get into the story and simply that book is not something you can enjoy reading. It happens and life goes on.

I have always said that angels are my favorite paranormal creatures and they are, but let me tell you something - a big number of books about angels made me scream (in a bad way). Those were the books that I could particularly swear I'd enjoy. People enjoyed them and it's angels, people angels! But niet!

Alas, what you SHOULD do is respect other people's opinion. Maybe it's that they loved it and you did not. Great! Be happy for them. Maybe you loved it, but for them there was no communication between them and the book. It's life!

Cherish with other readers all happy moments and sympathies with them all the bad ones. 

So a penny for your thoughts! Do you love some books that others don't or vice versa? SHARE! We love to hear from you! 


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  1. Oh yes that happens all the time. I think it's mainly because I expect so much more. I have one perfect example, The Twilight series as it was really not really good for me. But well it's also just the most known. But there are others too.

  2. Yes, this exactly! Not everybook is going to be for every individual--it's all based on your own tastes and preferences, and there shouldn't be any shame in having a different opinion! I guess that's why we have something called opinions in the first place, hah.

    Nice post, girl! <33

  3. No, you definitely do not have to love every single book! Actually, I tend to have more trust in the reviews of someone who loves some books, but also have mixed feelings or even hate other books, than the reviews of someone who find every single book they read absolutely amazing. You simply can't love everything, because every book is different, and while some perfectly fit in what we like, some others don't completely. Having both positive and negative opinions on the books we read is a sign that you have developed a certain taste in books, and also that you are a critical reader. For me, someone who loves every single book they read either is the luckiest person in the world, always coming across books that perfectly match their taste, or has no personality at all.

  4. I go into every book wanting to love it. Otherwise, why am I reading it? But sometimes I don't and that;s fine. If other people connected to it and loved it, lucky for them! But when people don't love a book that I did, I feel sad, especially if I recommended it.

  5. I definitely agree that you aren't going to connect with every book you read but it is super nice when you do! I love when an author can make you connect with the story and the characters but yes, it doesn't always happen and that is okay too.

  6. It would be super boring if we all loved or hated the same things - there would be no reason to blog really. I've run across several books where I seem to be the only one that didn't love a book as much as everyone else (Throne of Glass for instance, though I do LOVE that series now), and it makes me wonder why sometimes, but ultimately we all like what we like:)

  7. Not going to lie, it makes me sad when others don't like a book that I loved, but like you said, this is real life! People have differing opinions and people should just respect that and come to understand the fact!

  8. Oh yes there are plenty of books out there that I have read that people are raving about that I couldn't stand like Shatter Me and Unbroken. I felt like the black sheep, but not every book is for everyone and that is the beauty and fun of it all comparing notes.

  9. I agree with you, though it does make me sad when I don't love a book that everyone else does, I feel like I missed something basically. Like The Walled City and We Were Liars just didn't do it for me, but everyone else adores them, so I felt like maybe I just didn't "get it". But regardless, I would NEVER discourage anyone from having an opinion, even if it was the complete opposite of mine, as long as everyone is being respectful about stating their opinions.

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  10. How would you know if you've ever read a bad book if you liked every single book you read? :)

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  11. Exactly! And respecting other people's opinion is really important! There aren't many GENRES out there that I don't enjoy, but it really depends of the author! I might LOVE witches, but if the book is just not interesting, then the hell: I won't enjoy it :P

  12. I totally agree! Yes, I want to love them all - but I wont and I shouldn't feel that i have to. Everyone will bring their own experiences to each book they read and that will mean that sometimes they feel differently about a book than me. Personally I love the variety of opinions in the book world, it keeps things interesting! Great post!



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