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Marked by Sarah Fine

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Book summary:
In a broken landscape carved by environmental collapse, Boston paramedic Cacia Ferry risks life and limb on the front lines of a fragile and dangerous city. What most don’t know—including her sexy new partner, Eli Margolis—is that while Cacy works to save lives, she has another job ferrying the dead to the Afterlife. Once humans are “Marked” by Fate, the powerful Ferrys are called to escort the vulnerable souls to either eternal bliss or unending fire and pain.Unaware of Cacy’s other life, Eli finds himself as mesmerized by his fierce and beautiful partner as he is mistrustful of the influential Ferry clan led by the Charon—who happens to be Cacy’s father. Cacy, in turn, can no longer deny her intense attraction to the mysterious ex-Ranger with a haunted past. But just as their relationship heats up, an apparent hit takes the Charon before his time. Shaken to the core, Cacy pursues the rogue element who has seized the reins of Fate, only to discover that Eli has a devastating secret of his own. Not knowing whom to trust, what will Cacy have to sacrifice to protect Eli—and to make sure humanity’s future is secure?
Tanja: I strongly believe that you've heard of Sarah Fine and her Sanctum book, which was highly praised when it came out. I wanted to read it ever since, but somehow something else was always a priority. So when my girl Glass told me that Marked is on NG I had to have it. Now I am happy that Claimed was available too.
Glass: Oh, me too. Especially because story picked up the pace in last 30%. I know that a lot of our friends from blogosphere love Sarah Fine and her young adult series, Guards of the Shadowlands, but I am happy that I started with this, more adult series. It combines two things - mythology and post-apocalyptic society. Sound weird, I know! Still, it works great - at moments I had a feeling like I was reading Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead combined with TV show Dead Like Me. But that beginning was so slow...
Tanja: Exactly, that is why I even planed to DNF it, but then you and Purple told me to go on and that it gets better later on. I'm glad I finished it now as I expect Claimed to be much better. This one really offered a great base for the story. But my biggest issue here was actually main character, Cacy. One thing I adore in UF stories is kick-ass main character. Cacy was that later on, but her behavior at the start almost made me pull out my hair. You're so kickass just because you walk shirtless around guys. GAH! It annoys me more than it should.
Glass: Ugh, I know! I'm not her biggest fan as well. She did get better later, but Cacy is nowhere near awesomeness of Merit or Mac. On the other hand, I really liked Eli - he is the most intriguing character. It is obvious that there is some big secret about his past (or at least I got that feeling) and I cannot wait to see what will happen next. There is one thing that bothered me - instant love and I-love-you after how many days. It would be so much better if author left that part for later.
Tanja: Girl you're reading my mind. I want to read Claimed mostly to see what's his past. There is something mystical there. Somehow I think he knows much more than we think. But that about insta love bothered me too. I loved the sparks between them and all, but it was rushed. But still I hope that we won't get this into any sort of love triangle or something. Just slowing it down would be great. I haven't read the blurb for the sequel so I hope that I'm not good at fortunetelling.
Glass: Next book is focused on his sister, Galena, and Declan Ferry, so probably, we will find out what are siblings hiding.  I just hope that won't end up disappointed.

Ratings: Tanja - 3 start and Glass 4 stars.

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  1. I really like how two had slightly different reactions to this one so this review wound up being so much more informative and well-rounded than I anticipated. I think I'm going to hold off on diving into this series until I see how the sequels are received but I'm glad you both are planning to continue with these books. Gorgeous review, ladies! :)

  2. Glad that you both tried this and even though Tanja liked it more than Glass, I am glad you both liked it well enough. Book two is even better and I think you both will like it more. :)

  3. I'm glad that you both enjoyed this one ladies, I actually was only able to read a bit before I had to DNF it, I think I found Cacy's character a bit tiresome, which is a shame, as I really loved Fine's Guards of the Shadowlands series, I hope you both end up enjoying Claimed just as much!

  4. I think I actulaly like Cacy better than Galena. I hope you try Sanctum because that is still her best book.

  5. Yay, I'm so glad you both enjoyed Marked! I'm so looking forward to the mythology and post-apocalyptic background in it. I adore romance, so I'm sure I can handle the insta love vibe and can't wait to finally try one of Sarah Fine's books.
    Great duel review Tanja and Glass :)

  6. Haha, it's so endearing to read a book being review at the same time by two people. I just love how you guys work out and interact your differing opinions, definitely makes for an interesting read. I know Sarah Fine is deeply loved by the reading community, and I have her Guardian Santum first book on my kindle, and I have Claimed as well, so this is next in my list to read. Hopefully I can handle the instalove... I mean, if there are other great things about it, hopefully it won't bother me as much.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  7. I'm glad you two enjoyed this book. Tanja, I hope you love the next one more! Amazing review as always!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts



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