16. ožu 2015.

Bookish Problems #21 - Memes

Hiya again. Tanja here. I know we've been struggling to keep up lately, but currently both of us have a lot to do to. But last night I was writing some posts and I got an idea for Bookish problems! YAY. So let's talk about memes.

You have certainly done and if not then seen memes that a lot of us do. So I just wondered what's your opinion about them. I know there is plenty and even some of my friends here (maybe even you) have created one, and technically speaking bookish problems could be a meme if both Glass and I had time for organizing stuff.

But here is my story. When I joined Glass here at Ja čitam, a ti? I started doing different memes to the point where I didn't have space to post reviews because of them. I knew then that it was time to cut out some and I did that. So today we actually do only two. First one which we've been doing for a really long time is Waiting on Wednesday.

That one is also my favorite as I love seeing these posts and adding new books to my TBR list. It's always interesting to see some books you might have missed and this is a really cool way to catch up with new releases. Making them is quite fun too. Glass and I are always checking each other picks and commenting on them. Making plans for buddy reads and so on.

The second meme we do here is The Sunday Post. This one is something we started doing later on but it helped us a lot. Now it's easier for us to organize everything and by the Saturday night we have posts ready and scheduled for the whole next week. It saves you the trouble and you can freely enjoy and read all week long. It helped me organize my reads too as I usually read arcs and review copies in advance.

So that would be our memes! Tell us about yours! Which ones are your favorite and why??

Until the next time,

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  1. I always do Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday - those seem to be the most fun for me! I think, like you said WoW is a great way to find new books!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. I used to do memes but I decided to scrap all of them altogether because at the time it felt like a lot of work :P I know, I know, it's weird! But I was seriously getting tired of going on Goodreads to grab book covers and looking for books for a TTT or for a WW that I was genuinely looking forward to. Interesting discussion, girls!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. I don't do a ton of memes anymore, they're a lot of fun but I've found I don't have as much time to go around and visit as many other blogs on meme days and then it's kind of pointless.

    My favorite that I still do most weeks would have to be Top Ten Tuesday because it's a lot of fun to make the posts and see everyone's lists, plus I love lists! I stopped doing WoW mostly because I didn't have time to blog hop but also because it was making my TBR get way too out of hand.

    Great topic! =)

  4. The only one I really do anymore is Mondays, What Are You Reading? Mostly because it's the one I've been involved with since maybe I started blogging or soon after six years ago. Also because it helps me keep track of my reading habits and it's fun to share the books I'm in the middle of with others and see theirs as well.

    I did Top Ten Tuesday a lot last year but it started to get a little stale for me with most of the new topics coming back around for another spin. I ended up creating my own Tuesday post centering around book covers and it is making me happy. For now at least. :)

    I tend to change things up every few years because if I don't I get bored and I figure that means my readers are bored, too. I want to make sure I love what I am doing first and foremost, you know? So do what makes you happy because that happiness and joy will translate into your post and make your readers excited to read it no matter the meme or other content. That's my two cents, anyway! lol

  5. The memes allowed me first to breathe on the blog and not stress because I wouldn't have enough reviews to post. Now that I have a big enough stock, I keep posting memes because : Lusting for covers (there are such beautiful covers, it's part of the pleasure of reading), Cat thursday because I'm a cat lover as so many readers are, Hottie of the week because who doesn't like to look at a handsome man. I've added #Fitreaders because it really helped me with my personal life, kept me on my toes and made me fitter than I was ;) Oh, and the Sunday post, of course : it's practical and allows many bloggers to interact.

  6. I'm not fond of doing too many memes, but only because I find that I can't remember what day of the week is, and I'll miss my meme post for that day. Heh. But I adore reading Top Ten Tuesdays (because lists are awesome), Waiting on Wednesday (yay for more books--I'm going to start doing WoWs again starting this week!) and The Sunday Post/Stacking the Shelves. :)

  7. Memes can be fun but you definitely have to pick and choose which ones are right for you and your blog. :)

  8. I love coming up with my own memes, or just switching it up to keep things interesting. I love your Bookish Problems -- more please!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  9. I do three memes/featues on my blog. My own meme Tell Me Something Tuesday is my favorite because I love seeing everyone's repsonese to the disccusion question. I do like reading others WOW but I don't do it because I am full on the blog.

  10. I used to do memes all the time too but then I kind of just stopped as I started becoming lazy and by the time I moved to The Social Potato, I barely kept up with the memes I did.. which is why most of the memes we do now on the blog are our own :P

    I do enjoy seeing other people's posts and my favorite memes (to read) are Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday! :D

    Thanks for sharing your thought, Tanja <3

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  11. One thing I like about memes is how I always find new books to add to my tbr because of them. I've only been keeping up with Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday but not every week because then I'd feel like I don't write enough reviews hehe. I like the sound of the Sunday Post though, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing, Tanja :D

  12. We are almost the same as you two. We have been Waiting on Wednesday since we started blogging and continue to do so. Initially, we also did Feature Follow Friday, but we stopped after a while. On Tuesdays, we used to do Teaser Tuesday and when we got bored of it, we started doing Top Ten Tuesday. All in all, I can say that we love doing WoW and TTT. It's fun to stop by other blogs and see what's on thier list(s). Great post, girl!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  13. I moved away from doing memes once I found my footing and voice in the blogging world. Once figured it out, I found memes to be quite uninspiring for me so I created features that feed my creativity and other interests.

    I do like reading memes on my favorite sites. It's fun to see what books everyone is looking forward to or just discovered.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews



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