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The Seven Deadly Sins Tag

I've been tagged by Lola @Hit or Miss Books and while I don't do this a lot, this one seems really interesting. So I'm doing it now. I'll try to make it colorful and interesting! But we'll see how that goes. Also I shall be honest!


1. What's your most inexpensive book? 

Considering that I get some from publishers and I win some there are plenty I got for free. But my fave would be Jellicoe Road which I have won years ago and the blogger surprised me by sending me hard cover, when I thought I would get pb.


2. What author do you have love/hate relationship with? 

That would be Jennifer L. Armentrout. Some of her books are on my favorite shelf and let's face it she
created my husband, but at the same time her contemporaries aren't doing it for me. Another is Cassandra Clare. The Mortal Instruments is one of my least favorite series ever, while The Infernal Devices is on my all time favorite list.


3. What book have you devoured over and over again with no shame? 

Even though I don't have much time for rereads and I don't think I have ever reread a series, only some standalones. But the book I have reread the most is probably The Little Prince. I stopped counting how many times I have read it. When it comes to YA then it's for sure Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta.


4. Which book have you neglected reading due to laziness? 

I do no such thing! I do have books that I have neglected but it's really not due to laziness. I simply always have some other books to read which are priority, like ARCs, then buddy reads and review copies. So yeah. *cough* *eyes The Book of Shadow and Blood, Bloodspell, Wither and others that have been on my shelf for years now* Basically, I really want to read them and I will but they will have to wait for years some time. *don't look at your Kindle, don't look* *don't open you Amazon account to check all the freebies. Don't do that*


5. What book do you most talk about in order to sound like an intellectual reader? 

This kinda of loses point with me as I'm, you know, a lit student. So yeah, I have read plenty of them and people expect that from me. But I guess they get really surprised when they hear how many Shakespearean works I have read as you know it's Shakespeare. I also try to mention Crime and Punishment from time to time as I really loved that one. Also I have managed to persuade some people to read Pride and Prejudice. I drove them crazy but they thanked me lather. So, it's all good.


6. What attributes do you find attractive in male or female character? 

For girls it's kickass. I love girls that can stand their ground and really fight for themselves. I also like girls that are good with weapons and know what they are doing. Or basically everything that I am not. To make it clear.
For boys, well I don't like bad boys that much (yup you have read well). I do like some but nothing special. I do love sweet and tender good boys though. They are my weakness. I love when they are romantic and sweet. I do also like when they are strong and good fighters. Gosh, I'm complicated but yeah alpha males do good job for me, when they are not cocky all the time.
I do contradict myself, don't I?


7. What book would you most like to receive as a gift? 

Right now it'd be Heir of Fire, no doubt. I want to cry my heart out every time I see price on TBD and it's really it's too much., so I really hope to win it somehow, or I'll have to satisfy with an ebook. Then again I already have the first two and I really love that series. This is killing me. But as that one is not out yet I really wan tto have The Lumatere Chronicles books. I love that series and while I do ebooks I want them so I can hug the hell out of them.

Passing on to: 

Janhvi and Sarika @ The Readdicts 

Thanks Lola again! Girls have fun!

Until the next time,
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  1. I have to agree about Armentrout and Clare! I liked Mortal Instruments slightly more than you did, but there were some very low points in that series. And I agree, the price for Heir of Fire is just insane. It's so much lower on Amazon, which makes no sense.

  2. As much as I love Jennifer Armentrout's books, I don't always love J. Lynn's books ;) So I agree ! Great tag, it was fun reading you !

  3. It's AWESOME that you won Jellicoe Road! It's basically one of my favs of all time! I bought myself a HC too though because it's a book that's meant to be loved forever and ever and ever. Plus I do re-read certain scenes from time to time so there is that.

    JLA and Cassandra Clare are great choices :P I'd agree except that I don't read stuff by Clare anymore. With JLA though it's hard. Her books are always tempting me but idk if they're for me and there is a greater chance I won't like them :/

    WOOT for The Little Prince. I haven't read it in years but it's an amazing book!

    I actually never spout out books to sound like an intellectual reader because I am not.. although as a soon to be lit major I'll probably become one :P

    You're spot on with the kind of guys you like.. I always contradict myself. It's confusing! Sweet guys will always be favs but then again other kinds of guys have a way of getting to me too. It just have to be a mix that appeals to me, I suppose.

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  4. Oh this is so cool. I don't get tagged in anything usually, so thank you Tanja! *hugs* :D I'm starting Heir of Fire this week so I can't wait to read it. Sorry am I rubbing it in! lol. I hope you get it soon though. :) I know what you mean with JLA but I seem to have a rather good relationship with her books so far. And you've mention Jellicoe Road a lot, I haven't read that one, so I'll have a look for that one. Great post, I'll be sure to do mine this week! :)

  5. Is it weird that I've never heard of Jellicoe Road? :O *Adding it to my TBR right away*
    As for Heir of Fire, I have to read Throne of Glass, I really really do!

  6. Jellicoe Road is truly a special book. That reminds me, I have to re-read it soon. I am also frustrated with the price for Heir of fire, I have the whole series so far and I just have to have this one too. I will buy the ebook but hopefully I win it somewhere ..

  7. Yay for Jellicoe Road. I love that book so much. I would have reread it but I've been scarred the first time already. I totally agree with Heir of Fire being so darn expensive, although I don't have to worry about that since I haven't read Throne of Glass yet. Haha. Fun answers, Tanja! I didn't know you're a Lit student. What Shakespeare's work would you recommend to me? I don't get the appeal of bad boys, too. I like mine sweet and mellow. :D

  8. You don't like the Mortal Instruments series? ?*gasp* I can't blame you though, The Infernal Devices is clearly the superior series because James Carstairs and Will Herondale!

  9. D: That is definitely a great inexpensive bargain! I loved the book Jellicoe Road :D It must've been nice to receive a hardcover. Glad to know you loved it too. I have never read the Little Prince but I do have it on my kindle, just waiting to be read! I hope you get the book you want, Heir of Fire! Haha, brilliant post, I loved this ^^

  10. This is such a fun tag and I love reading everyone's answers!

  11. Hey, which sin does Princess Belle represent? I try to persuade people to read Pride & Prejudice ALL THE TIME but they just don't listen. Very silly people. I agree, I love kick-assity. ahhaha

    Oh, I don't think I know about The Lumatere Chronicles so will click on the link to know more.

    Aww you're welcome! I'm glad you accepted to do the tag. I wasn't sure if I should tag you at first since yeah I saw that you don't do many of those but I'm glad I did.


  12. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Cassandra Clare books but for me it's more that I love some of the secondary characters in her books(mainly Alec and Magnus) and hate most of her main characters. =)
    Also I too am one of the few people who don't fall for the "bad boy" character, I much prefer sweet guys. ;)

  13. I don't normally participate in award / chain type posts, but this one was actually kind of fun. I second your thoughts on kickass female protagonists, but admittedly, I do love the occasional bad boy... Here's hoping that Heir of Fire goes on sale sooner rather than later! :D

  14. I've heard so many incredible things about Jellicoe Road! I'm hoping to buy it sometime soon.

    Jennifer Armentrout is one of my favorite authors, but there's been a few books of hers I haven't enjoyed as much. That comment about "her creating [your] husband" made me lol. I'm guessing that's Daemon ;)

  15. I loved reading all your responses, Tanja, and thank you so much for tagging us!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  16. This was fun reading your responses and I love Shakespeare, Dickens and Poe so they have a large presence on my bookshelves.

  17. It's the bestest to get hardcovers when you're expecting a paperback :) And high five, Tanja! We both have JLA in wrath category :D mwhaha. The Little Prince is a priceless book!!!!!!!! ALSOOOO. Duhh! I should have thought about C&P and P&P and Faust and other classics LOL. Kick-a girls ftw! And yess to confident alphas who have sweet sides :) Just like Connor lolololololol :D I hope you get HoF soon-ish :) It's one of the few series where I love the UK and US designs both :) Thank you for tagging me, love! x



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