26. stu 2013.

(Book Blast + Giveaway) Immortal by Gene Doucette

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Immortal by Gene Doucette
“I don’t know how old I am.My earliest memory is something along the lines of fire good, ice bad, so I think I predate written history, but I don’t know by how much. I like to brag that I’ve been there from the beginning, and while this may very well be true, I generally just say it to pick up girls.”
--Adam the Immortal
Surviving sixty thousand years takes cunning and more than a little luck. But in the twenty-first century, Adam confronts new dangers—someone has found out what he is, a demon is after him, and he has run out of places to hide.Worst of all, he has had entirely too much to drink.
Immortal is a first person confessional penned by a man who is immortal, but not invincible. In an artful blending of sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, and humor, IMMORTAL introduces us to a world with vampires, demons and other “magical” creatures, yet a world without actual magic.
At the center of the book is Adam.
“I have been in quite a few tight situations in my long life. One of the first things I learned was if there is going to be a mob panic, don’t be standing between the mob and wherever it is they all want to go. The second thing I learned was, don’t try to run through fire.”
--Adam the Immortal
Adam is a sixty thousand year old man. (Approximately.) He doesn’t age or get sick, but is otherwise entirely capable of being killed.His survival has hinged on an innate ability to adapt, his wits, and a fairly large dollop of luck.He makes for an excellent guide through history . . . when he’s sober.
Immortal is a contemporary fantasy for non-fantasy readers and fantasy enthusiasts alike.
About the Author
Gene Doucette has been published as a humorist with Beating Up Daddy: A Year In the Life of an Amateur Father and The Other Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody.  Other novels by Gene Doucette include Immortal and Hellenic Immortal.  Gene lives in Cambridge MA with his wife and two children.
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  1. I've never heard of this one, but I love that I can always count on your blog to introduce me to new novels. Thanks for sharing - I'm definitely intrigued!

    1. We are happy that we can help.:) You are welcome.

  2. Don't try to run through fire seems like pretty sound advice:) Even for someone who can't die, I imagine that wouldn't be fun at all! Thanks for spotlighting IMMORTAL Glass and Tanja, like Keertana, you've made me curious:)

    1. Those are such a strange novels, Jenny. I still haven't read third book, but I hope I will soon.

  3. I always find such OLD characters fascinating because they've seen SO much!

  4. I world with magical creatures but without any actual magic definitely sounds interesting.

    1. I thought so too, but it works out perfectly.

  5. This looks interesting! Thanks for sharing, girls!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts



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