14. svi 2014.

Waiting on Wednesday (#95)

You know the story. This is a meme created by Breaking the Spine and every week we pick books we're waiting for. Here are our picks for this week.

Glass' pick

Daren Ackwood is a bad boy with a mysterious past-He's the kind of guy who knows he can get any girl he wants. Kayla doesn't do bad boys-in any sense of the word. They have a tendency to leave scars and dust trails in their wake, and Kayla isn't running short on either. So when Daren rolls up to her father's funeral in his shiny sports car, Kayla knows she needs to keep her distance during her brief stay in this tiny God-forsaken town. She's here to take care of her father's will, nothing more. The trouble is, Daren doesn't see it that way. And he usually gets his way.

Expected publication: June 3rd, 2014

Tanja's pick

Meda Melange has officially hung up her monstrous mantle and planted her feet firmly on the holy and righteous path of a Crusader-in-training. Or, at least, she’s willing to give it a shot. It helps that the Crusaders are the only thing standing between her and the demon hordes who want her dead.

The problem is, the only people less convinced than Meda of her new-found role as Good Girl are the very Crusaders she’s trying to join. So when a devilishly handsome half-demon boy offers escape, how’s a girl supposed to say “no?”

After all, everyone knows a good girl’s greatest weakness is a bad boy.

Expected publication: August 5th, 2014

We'd love to see your picks so feel free to link them in comments!

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22 komentara:

  1. Crushed sounds good; I still need to read the first book though.

  2. I heard so many great things about Elysa Crewe, I'm curious about her books.

  3. I've not heard of either of these, but I hope you get your hands on em. Great picks!

    My WoW!

  4. Woah, the cover to Crushed is super creepy! Perfect Kind of Trouble actually reminds me a lot of Pushing the Limits, which wasn't for me. Great picks girls!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  5. I haven't heard of either of these, actually, though both sound fantastic and I do plan to pick up Eliza Crewe soon. Wonderful picks, ladies!(:

    1. I really hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks, Keertana :)

  6. I haven't read anything by Chelsea Fine before, but I've heard some good things about her Archers of Avalon series. Hope you enjoy this one, Glass! And Tanja, I can't wait to read Crushed too. I enjoyed the first book in the series quite a bit. :)

  7. Ooo Crushed sounds neat. I believe I have the first book in that series kicking around somewhere. I should probably read it now, lol. Nice picks this week.
    My WoW

  8. Both of your picks feature a "bad boy". Lol! I know you read and enjoyed Chelsea Fine, Glass, so I hope this one is good for you, too.

    I haven't heard of your author, Tanja, but hope you get your hands on it soon.

    Great picks ladies. :)

  9. I am so excited about Crushed!! Not to much longer to wait.

    I love all of Fine's books as well, so good!

  10. I still really want to check out the Eliza Crewe books!

  11. Haven't heard of these yet but sounds good and hope you get to read it soon.

  12. Ooh I love that cover for Crushed! Super excited to read that one, and Perfect Kind of Trouble sounds like a really fun romance premise. Great choices ladies!

  13. Oh my, why have I haven't come across Crushed before?! Sounds awesome!



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