6. stu 2014.

Pull (Push, #2) by Claire Wallis

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My rating: 4 stars

Book summary:

"PULL is the continuation of Claire Wallis' sharp and shocking debut novel, PUSH. It is the second book in the series and is not intended to be a standalone.

"It is impossible for someone like me—someone with a sin-list capable of wrapping itself around the world—to find redemption. To be repaired."

David Calgaro has secrets, and the only woman he's ever loved is about to pay the ultimate price to protect them. He's spent a lifetime searching for purpose and control. And the only place he's managed to find them is in a single, perfect moment; a moment in which he has absolute control over someone else's life.

David is unredeemable, unfixable, unsavageable. But Emma Searfoss has forced a tiny sliver of hope to penetrate his soul. Hope that, even though redemption is impossible, maybe life isn't. Maybe he isn't who he thought he was. Maybe he's meant to be more.

This is a new adult novel with mature content for readers 17 and up."


Read my review for first novel, Push, here.
(There might be spoilers for the first book.)

       One of the books I've been anxiously waiting for is a conclusion of the story about David and Emma - dark and twisted tale about love and redemption written by rather new author, Claire Wallis. First novel, Push, was one of the weirdest books I have ever read. It is hard to explain did you like it or not because, in every other occasion, you would not be on the side of the bad guy. Claire Wallis pulls you into the wicked mind of her antihero. 

What I liked?

  • David's POV.  It was absolutely fantastic. Author manages to make you believe into what you read - few times I felt as if I was going mad along with David. His reasoning sounds so logical and convincing, you know deep down that it is not right or moral, but you can't help yourself and understand him. 
  • Storyline and writing. There is similar pattern in chapters layout like in the previous book, but instead of those snippets into the past events on the bridge from the perspective of girls, here you get to see how David felt and what he thought in those moments. I was left speechless after few of those, how he justifies everything and how cruel he can be. Also, we get insight into his childhood and how his memories influenced who David is now. 
  • The way it ended. I won't say much more about this, but i believe that most of you would agree with me. 

What could have been better?

  • I felt kind of let down with how easily Emma "accepted" David. It is not that I am against them being together, but I felt as if this part of the story lacked more development. Everything just keeps moving forward. You would expect that their interaction would be much more personal and emotional - it is to the certain degree, but I really expected more.

Final word?

      Pull is satisfying conclusion and I am positive that fans of the previous book will be happy with how Claire Wallis finished David and Emma's story.

Happy reading,
*Copy of this book was provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*

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  1. Glad that overall you thought this had a satisfying ending, sorry it wasn't just a bit better though.

  2. I sorry to see you wanted more about the relationship, but it sounds like a good one too. I'm curious to discover more about David.

  3. It's so hard to get the male POV right so your review makes me want to pick this book up just to read that, Glass.
    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this overall.
    Lovely review!

  4. I dislike it when the main couple's relationships is too easy, but other than that David's POV sounds like a real winner as does this author's writing style. At least is was a satisfying series finale overall, that's the most important thing.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

  5. I am scratching my head and sure what to make of it. David sounds like a tough character and I am not thrilled about the relationship still there are some good themes in there.

  6. Wow, this book sounds exactly up my alley! It sound really thrilling and a bit creepy and I like that it's from a male perspective who could be good or bad. Great review!

  7. Hmmm... This does sound weird. But it looks like you're kind of enjoying the books in the series. I love the fact that David makes you like his bad side- can't help but love 'em bad guys! Great review, Glass!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts



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