30. sij 2013.

Blog Tour - Kiss of the Betrayer by Boone Brux

Hi. Today I have a blog tour for you. Unfortunately I didn't have time to read and review the book but no worries. I have a little teaser for you.

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Book summary: 

For fifteen years Luc Le Daun has blamed himself for the death of the woman he loved. His secret guilt has led him into a life of danger, risking all and committing to none.

Killing Luc Le Daun has been all Jade Kendell has thought about for years. But when her plan goes awry and she’s brought into the Bringers’ fold, her own dark secret threatens to be revealed. Desire for a better life wars with a promise made long before she understood the ramifications.

In a deadly mission, Jade and Luc embark on a journey into the Shadow World. As they attempt the impossible, ignoring the attraction growing between them becomes harder to deny. The slightest misstep could mean the loss of their souls and give the Demon King exactly what he needs to open the Abyss of Souls and annihilate the Bringers.

Little Teaser

Jade: 5'3", petite
Long silver blond hair and green eyes
Scared to death of heights and pain
She's loyal, stubborn, clever and a bit mouthy

Luc: 6'2" muscular
Long blond hair until he cuts it off
Blue eyes
He likes women, drinking, and fun
He's loyal, protective, charismatic and funny.
He's tormented by his past

Dunno for you, but I'm curious!

About the author

As a multi-published and an award winning author, Boone's writing drips with experiences from real life. Addicted to anything that might make a good story, she weaves tales that range from dark fantasy to humorous romance. Settled in the icy regions of Alaska with the love of her life and twin daughters, it's not uncommon to find her tapping away on her iPad on a windy beach or the barren tundra. Be warned, anyone and every event is fodder for one of Boone's novels.


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  1. Oh this sounds like action packed fun and a I like romances that start off antagonistic. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Btw, I see that Glass is reading Captive in the Dark!! That made my stomach hurt, but it's such an addictive read. Enjoy. :)

    1. Yeah sounds just like that :) LOL yes is is rereading it I think. It's not for me for sure. :)

  2. Oooo this looks like a sexy read Tanja! I do love a tormented hero so I'm pretty in love with Luc already. *adds him to list:)

    1. LOL! My thoughts :) Yeah unfortunately I didn't have time to read it, but once I'd :)

  3. This looks like something from my way too hot shelf!:)))

  4. I don't know what it is about guys with tortured pasts that appeals to me... LOL that sounds awful! :P

    I'm definitely curious about this book now though. That is one tempting cover! Thanks for sharing, Tanja.

    1. I love the cover too :) There is something about broad shoulders :)) You're very welcome :)



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