6. pro 2012.

Songs For A Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson

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Book summary: 

What is the soundtrack of your life?
After living in twelve places in eight years, Calle Smith finds herself in Andreas Bay, California, at the start of ninth grade. Another new home, another new school...Calle knows better than to put down roots. Her song journal keeps her moving to her own soundtrack, bouncing through a world best kept at a distance.
Yet before she knows it, friends creep in-as does an unlikely boy with a secret. Calle is torn over what may be her first chance at love. With all that she's hiding and all that she wants, can she find something lasting beyond music? And will she ever discover why she and her mother have been running in the first place?

         I've said this a lot of times and I'll say it again - music and books are perfect combination. I as a lover of both always enjoy in book that has some soundtrack in it or they talk about music. This one is not different. Songs For A Teenage Nomad has all that.

         Calle our protagonist in this story is a teenager. She had a though life so to say. She doesn't know who her father is and her mother remarried few times. It even came to that point when she calls all her step dads by the car they drive. Our story starts in Andreas Bay, California where Calle lives at the moment. She is ninth grade and again she has to go to the new school. Changing schools so often haven't helped her at all. She can't get a really friends because probably she'll be off soon. But she has something that always goes with her, without strings attached - music. She has a songs that reminds her of everything. But soon her life is about to change. Maybe she is finally at the right place with the right people and maybe about to discover the thing she always wanted to know.

        I really enjoyed reading this book. Besides music and naive story there was another thing - this book was so realistic. So if you find some time get this little book cause you might enjoy it.

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  1. I absolutely, completely, totally agree with you, Tanja! Books and music... The perfect combination! :) I'm adding this book to my TBR, I'd love to read it. Lovely review!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. I'm happy to hear that :) Yes one of the best :) I hope you'll get to read it soon :)

  3. Oh I adore music themed books too Tanja, this will be the second music book I will be adding to my tbr thanks to your wonderful review! Thanks again for putting this on my radar! :)

  4. Oh that's great! :) I doubt there will be more soon, cause winter is time for paranormal and fantasy :)

  5. Music does combine really well with stories. I loved the addition of it in Saving June. Really sets the mood. This poor girl! My heart goes out to her. Sounds like a wonderful read. Great review Tanja. :)

  6. Yes my heart was with her :) Thanks :)

  7. Music-themed contemporary novels are always something I look forward to! Fabulous review, Tanja! I think I've vaguely heard of this book at some point, but I know now that I'll definitely mark it as a to-read based on your high praise. :)

  8. I love them too! :) Thanks! :) I can't wait to see your review for it :)

  9. OMG! THANK YOU! I completely forgot about this book. I really want to read it and glad you liked it (:

  10. This book was astounding! It was incredibly relateable to me as a reader and it is wonderfully written. Calle's adventures as a freshman in high school were nailed perfectly, and her fears and apprehensions as a young girl raising her mother and falling in love for the first time are beautifully mastered by the author. I love Kim Culbertson's book and I am positive that it is a story that will stay with me forever!

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