2. lip 2014.

What To Do When You Suffer From A Reading Slump?

I have to write a disclaimer first.
All credits for this post goes to Aman from Enticed by Books.

Last month she wrote one very interesting post: What to do when in a reading slump? and answer was: "Binge Watch Great TV Shows!!"!
I have to say that I agree with her. (I know that you are smiling while reading this, Aman.) 

Here is my list of best TV shows that will help you with reading issues.

1. The Originals

I was absolutely amazed with this show. My favorite anti-hero and villain didn't disappoint.
The best part about The Originals is that main focus of the story is not romance or love triangles. Older characters are that oh so sweet bonus.  I am addicted to CW shows no matter the fact that a lot of them are quite trashy, but this one is a whole level of different.
I just hope they won't ruin the story in second season.

2. Teen Wolf

Me watching Teen Wolf is completely Siiri's fault.
You know her from Little Pieces of Imagination.

I didn't expect much of it, but it is so addicting and you just can't stop watching once you start.

3. The Walking Dead

I know that everyone is obsessed with this show, but I always refused to watch it because it features zombies. I do not like zombies.
And then my boyfriend saw promo on TV and decided that we will watch it together. Because surviving. And apocalypse.
The most unimaginable thing happen - I got hooked.
 This is probably one of the best shows I've ever saw.

4. The O.C.

 Fun and fluffy and mindless.

I can watch this show over and over and over again.


5. One Tree Hill

But only first season. And maybe second.

Hm, now I want to watch it again. *Runs away to find DVDs*

What would you add to this list?


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  1. It's funny they're all series I tried and all series I gave up but well I have lany others so it's not a problem like Arrows, Revenge...

  2. I love the O.C. and OTH. I haven't watched them in a while. I need to. I love Seth Cohen. I legit want to marry a Seth. Neurosis and all. I only like the Lucas and Peyton era of OTH. the rest don't exist to me.

  3. Yes, watching tv is a great way to spend time when you're in a reading slump! I forgot about The Originals after a couple of episodes, and I re-watched the OC a few years ago, great show!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  4. I really enjoy The Originals and The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows ever! I still need to start Teen Wolf because everyone I know raves about it. Haha hilarious how you are talking about the OC, I haven't watched that in ageeess!

  5. I definitely agree that taking a well-deserved break from reading is a must when in a reading slump. I haven't watched any of these shows, but thanks for putting them on my radar, Glass!

  6. Hm That 70's show, funny and easy to watch :)

  7. I so need to do all of this right now! I hate to admit it but I have been in a slump and need to snap out of it!

  8. I don't watch much TV anymore because I'm always reading, but Modern Family is so freaking funny! Loved Veronica Mars and Buffy, but they're cancelled. :( You could get the re-runs. :)

  9. I really like watching the show Psych. It's funny and has great mysteries.

  10. I love The Vampire Diaries, but I haven't watched The Originals. I typically wait for the seasons to show up on Netflix, and it hasn't yet. To your list I would add: Lost Girl (Syfy), Justified (FX), and Chuck (NBC, but cancelled). And yes, I totally binge on TV shows when I hit a reading slump. Great post, Glass!

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  11. Hahaha! That is true. I am not too fond of the television myself but I have learned (from Aman of course) that TV shows do help in killing time thta I'd normally use for reading. I don't watch any of these shows you'd mentioned but I do watch a few others. Unfortunately, the seasons for them all are over so I'm left with my books for now. Great post, Glass!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  12. I haven't watched any of these! But the shows that I really love are Doctor Who (I've seen it since I was a child and it is awesome!), Sherlock (I still have to see season three but it is very good so far) and I have seen a few episodes of Supernatural which seems good. I have finished season one of Once Upon a time and love it!


  13. I had a really serious reading slump for about two months (I was really worried!), and didn't get out of it until just a week or so ago. I'm still not up to speed yet, but it's better now, thank goodness.

    I watch a lot of tv when I'm not reading, too! I like binge-watching older shows, the instant gratification is really nice. :P

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden



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