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The Misanthrope: Stone’s Story by S.M. Boyce

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Book summary:
Before Stone trained Kara Magari or taught the First Vagabond to master the Blood loyalty, he was nothing more than a slave boy named Terric.
Terric is a curious loner hellbent on reading his master’s forbidden books. When one heist goes wrong, Terric abandons his old life and runs for freedom—only to fall prey to a ruthless man named Niccoli.
Niccoli is an isen—a creature of magic from the hidden world of Ourea—and he awakens within Terric an unimaginable gift. But this gift comes with a catch. Suddenly in control of newfound power he is forbidden to freely use, Terric realizes too late he simply traded one master for another.
In Ourea, a world dominated by the gifted, few isen dare defy their masters. Until now.
         In case you missed it somehow I'm a huge fan of The Grimoire Saga, which is actually from where the characters of this, and those to come, short story is coming from. So after the original saga ended, Boyce said that she would write the short stories for the three, for me the most interesting side characters. I was thrilled.

        That's how we got to the Stone and his story. Now in this short story we see how everything started for him and what he actually was before we get to meet him as Kara's coach in a way. His story is quite interesting one as he started as someone not that important, but his desire to knowledge led him to the place he is when we first meet him. Not to spoil things for you, he goes through a lot in order to become somebody.

       Now the thing with me and Stone is that we never had some special connection. Yes he was always an interesting character, but never really someone I couldn't wait to see in the book. So for me it wasn't really a surprise that I couldn't quite connect with him in this book. I did enjoy the story and really interesting world building, though.

       But for everyone who has read or plan to read The Grimoire Saga, I recommend to read this story too. It's also a different view on Ourea (I won't say more).

Rating: 3.5 stars.

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  1. Sorry you couldn't quite connect with him but I'm glad you still liked the story and right on to the author for doing this for her fans, that is awesome!

  2. I haven't read the Grimoire saga before but a shame you couldn't quite connect to the character. Glad you enjoyed the world building at least! Lovely review Tany.

  3. I don't plan to read the saga--haven't even heard of it, actually--so this probably isn't for me, but thanks for putting it on my radar, dear! Great review!

  4. Thanks for the review. Stone is definitely a hit or miss character, and I'm not surprised he didn't quite do it for you. I think you'll like the rest in this spinoff series, though!

  5. I've actually read the first two books in the Grimoire Saga and liked them but kind of just ended up not reading the sequels .-. There are so many books to read!!!!

    It's so weird to think the series is finished now O_O

    I am glad the author is still keeping touch in the world by writing short stories and hopefully you'll like some of the others better! :)

    Lovely review, Tanja <3

  6. Although, Stone is not your favorite character - this sounds like it gave some great insight to the story as a whole! I hope you enjoy the other short stories :)

  7. Glad to hear he was interesting even if no special connection

  8. I have never ever heard of this Grimoire Saga, which is quite a shame because checking it out on Goodreads, and it sounds like a pretty spectacular book. I can definitely understand not feeling this short story though, especially since it's about someone you didn't connect to in emotional level! Hopefully the succeeding stories would fare better :D

    Faye at The Social Potato

  9. This sounds interesting, and how nice that the short story worked really well. Great review. girl!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts



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