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Wicked Kiss (Nightwatchers #2) by Michelle Rowen

Release date: February 26th, 2013.

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"I used to be ordinary Samantha Day, but that's changed. Now, after one dark kiss from a dangerous boy, I can steal someone's soul...or their life. If I give in to the constant hunger inside me, I hurt anyone I kiss. If I don't...I hurt myself.

Bishop is the one whose kiss I crave most, but if I kiss him, I'll kill him. Then there's another boy, one I can't hurt. One whose kiss seems to miraculously quell my hunger. They're both part of a team of angels and demons that's joined forces in my city to fight a mysterious rising darkness, an evil that threatens everyone I know and love. I just wonder if I'll be able to help Bishop-or if I'm just another part of the darkness he's sworn to destroy.... "

So much better than Dark Kiss

      I haven't read paranormal novels for a long, long time. I guess I had a bad case of sups overload. It was about time, right? I'm happy that my big comeback started with second book in Nightwatchers series by Michelle Rowen. (You can find my review for Dark Kiss here.)
      I love books about angels, but so far books about this type of supernatural creatures tended to be disappointing. My biggest problem with first novel was that it didn't feel believable, but I didn't have that issue with Wicked Kiss. It wasn't absolutely perfect, there were few things that bothered me, but it's solid 4 stars.
      Story continues were it ended in Dark Kiss - we are following Samantha in her struggle to get her soul back and put her life back together after some shocking discoveries. One thing I can promise you is that you will be blown away when you read about Bishop and Kraven's past. Also, there is new angel in town and she is one of those kick ass girls - I loved her.
     I don't know how many books will there be - I hope one more, two max - it wouldn't be brightest idea to drag this series on and on. I can already tell that  the next sequel will include Salvatore brothers/Elena type of love triangle - Michelle, please, don't do that! Make our Sam a strong girl who is devoted to that one special guy.

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***NOTE! Copy of the book is kindly provided by the publisher, Harlequin Teen. I'm not paid for writing review - I do this for free as lover of written word. All opinions in this review are personal.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that this one was better that the first. I enjoyed Dark Kiss, but it wasn't my favorite. And I know what you mean about angel books tending to be disappointing even though I do love angels.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this just as much as the first book Glass, I'm really picky when it comes to picking up paranormal reads, but I'm this series is still is still going strong for you, I hope this doesn't turn out into a horrible Salvatore/Elena type love triangle either! :/

  3. Thank you, girls. I'm reading Boundless soon with Tanja. I hope it's not going to disappoint me.

  4. I had issues with Dark Kiss as well, Glass but I was wondering how this turned out. I'm happy to hear you liked it more but I'm nervous about the love triangle because I'm really sick to death of them. Wonderful review! :)

    1. I know - I hate when authors make whole story around love triangle.
      Thank you.:)

  5. I haven't started this series yet, but I have read mixed reviews for it, so I don't know if I'll pick it up soon, but I will. I really don't like love triangles and I also need the topic of supernaturals to be believable so yeah, still deciding. But I'm glad you at least enjoyed this.

    Awesome review, Glass! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

    1. Honestly, I'm not so sure if you'll like this series Maida, but let me know if you decide to read it. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.



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