9. pro 2013.

Ghost Hold by Ripley Patton

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Book summary:
Olivia Black is back.
Only this time she's not the one in need of rescue.
Samantha James, rich, popular, and an award-winning composer at age seventeen, is the next target on the CAMFers' list. In order to convince Samantha to come with them, Olivia and Passion must pose as cousins, blend into the most affluent high school in Indianapolis, and infiltrate a mysterious cult known as The Hold.
Olivia doesn't expect it to be easy, even with the PSS guys backing them up. But what she discovers over the course of the mission will call into question everything she ever believed about herself, her family, and especially about Marcus, the guy she is undoubtedly falling in love with.
         A month or so ago I've read and reviewed Ghost Hand and then I said that I really loved the uniqueness of this story. I did have some issues with the first book back then, but I can happily say that Ghost Hold was better than expected.

         After getting to meet Olivia and her condition it was hard not to be perplexed by the idea of a ghost hand. It was something new and then we got to meet Marcus and see that this whole picture is bigger than we thought. When they get to see what CAMRers can do they know that they must go and help others with PSS because they are just victims who don't know where they are. With the list they go to rescue Samantha the girl with PSS. But things get much more complicated and darker than they thought.

         Usually it happens that when a book presents a new idea, the sequel ends up being a disappointment because you're not fascinated by the phenomena any more, luckily Ripley had much more to add to this idea and make it even more interesting. For me it was great to see how this aspect is realistic and how even though that's the central idea of this story everything else is nicely built around it.

         In this sequel we can also see the growth of characters and their emotions. It was great to see their relationship grow and they for sure have a special bond. Besides their growth we get to meet Passion better and see her story. It was a story that surprised me and I really get to like her more.

         I truly enjoyed this story and how everything got to develop and after that ending it's hard not to eagerly expect the next book in this series.

Until the next time: 5 stars.

Until the next time,

***NOTE: Copy of this book was kindly provided by the author - Ripley Patton. Thank you. 
I'm not paid for writing this review - I do it as a lover of written word. All opinions are personal.

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  1. Yay! Glad you tried this one and liked it even more!

  2. I always love when a book turns out to be so much better than I expected it to be. It seems like this series is really shaping up to be remarkable, so I'll have to look into it for sure. Great review, Tanja!

  3. Wow, it looks like book two really stepped up and I am glad the author kept you engaged, wonderful review Tanja!

  4. Yay! Love that this book worked so well for you Tanja and improved upon the first book. I agree that the second book in a series where the first book dazzled with a new and unique idea is often a bit of a letdown since the shiny newness has worn off, so I'm thrilled this book keeps the new element alive and even expands upon it. Fantastic review!

    1. This one is an exception of the rule :) Thanks Jenny :)

  5. Tanja, thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am so glad Ghost Hold didn't disappoint, but exceeded book one for you. That was my goal, so Yay!

  6. It's nice that the author managed to keep you happy, even with this being a second book. Nice review, Tanja!

  7. Happy to see this five star rating. I also like that she expanded upon the whole ghost hand thing. I know Ali loves these series and it is on my one of these days list!

    1. I really hope you'll get to read it soon. Thanks Heidi :)

  8. I'm so glad to see this series is improving, and that Ghost Hold is a five star book for you. I was already itching to read the first book after reading your review, now I'm even more excited to start this series. Lovely review!

  9. I'm so glad to see your 5 stars! Maybe I'll actually find some way to read the first one here soon. Hopefully!

  10. I like what you said about how book #2 in a series can be a major disappointment because you can get bored of the idea by then. Nonetheless, I am glad to see that you enjoyed this one as much as- if not more than- the prequel. That's some good work on the author's part! Awesome review, Tanja!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  11. I love characters growth! it makes me happy when that happens through the books because you can witness the progress. I am curious about this series. A few of my friends really liked it.



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