14. svi 2012.

Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa

Hello! I've decided not to write review for each book in this series separately so I'll write one for all of them. So let's start.

 We're going to start with first book. (by clicking on each title you'll see the blurb on GoodReads)
The Iron King will tell you story about Meghan. She is young girl, still in High School, living her life like an average teenager. Until strange things happen. One day she discovers new world and if she wants to help her brother she needs to step into that world. Surprisingly her best friend is one who will help you. He is fey from land called Nevernever and his name is Puck. He was sent to help her and take care of her, because she is very important for them. Meghan will have to go through a lot to save her brother and she also needs to save the whole land of Iron King who is planing on destroying it. One person who will also be of great help is yet another fay, prince Ash.  But at the end of their journey things will be slightly different. How is Meghan going to help the Nevernever and will she discover some things she never knew before? The answers you'll find in this book.
The Iron Daughter  is second book in series. Here things will be slightly different. Meghan is now in Winter's court. Ash knows that some things can't happen and he is aware of the danger by being with her. Now the question is how's Puck feeling about all of that and will Meghan see some other side of their relationship? And if she does how will that effect on her feelings for Ash and what are his real feelings? I didn't like this book as much as I liked first one. Meghan was rather annoying in some parts. Still the story itself was interesting, but I couldn't understand some of Meghan's actions. But like I said, twist and turns will keep this story interesting.
Now we move towards the third (and if somebody asks me the best) book in series The Iron Queen. Once again we're back in Nevernever. Again their existence is in danger. The Iron King has some other plans for the whole land. Once more Meghan has to go and help her people. Again Ash and Puck will be by her side. The problem is will they be able to destroy the huge army that is trying to rule the whole Nevernever? And yet the bigger question is will they be able to to that without sacrifices? And if not, what sacrifices they'll have to make in order to save the whole land? Of course you know where all answers are. Just this book was so beautiful. I was going to say like a fairy tale, but this actually is a fairy tale. Meghan is different, she grow up and she is ready to be what she is supposed to be.
Things will be different in last book in series The Iron Knight. Here the story is told form Ash's point of view, not like in first three from Meghan's. In this book we follow his journey to the most dangerous parts of the land. He has to find the way to take back the one he cares the most. But some old friends and memories are now against him. On that journey he also needs to discover his real feelings. Also the question now is where is Puck in all that. What are his feelings and how is he going to react on that sudden truth? At the end who will find the way to his true love.

Generally speaking this story is like something written just for me. As a huge fan of fairy tales and hopeless romantic and also big child this is just what I like the most. You don't have to be all that to love this series. Just close your eyes and imagine all those beautiful areas of Nevernever. I highly recommend this series.
While you're reading it don't forget to read short stories that are connected with this one. They will help you to understand some of the characters better. Those stories are:
 - Winter's Passage (Iron Fey, # 1.5)
 - Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey, # 3.5)
 - Iron's Prophecy (Iron Fey, # 4.5)  (this story will be out on August 28th as a part of The Iron Legends)
 - An Iron Fey Valentine
 - Ash's Letter to Meghan 

All in all the whole series deserve 5 stars!

Until the next time,

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  1. wow Tanja.. I just LOVE this review.. And I'm sure that all hopeless romantics out there just have to love the series.. Personally, the books left a trace inside of me that'll never fade.

    Oh and I like the blog. Will be coming back every day from now on :)

  2. Hey darling! :) Thank you! :*
    I know how you feel! :)

    You're always welcome! ;) :*

  3. The Iron Fey series has been causing a buzz for a long time! Glad to know that it's a great series, going to add them to my TBR soon!


  4. Hi Alicia,
    your blog looks really pretty. :)



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