28. kol 2012.

Tanja's Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Bookish Confessions

As you know Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish where every Tuesday we pick top ten books on certain topic. This week the task it Top Ten Bookish Confessions. I'm not sure I'll make 10, but I shall try.

1. I hate audio books. I tried to listen one once, and never again. I can't focus.

2. I kind of judge book by its cover. Well not every time, but when I have two books to read, the one with prettiest cover will go first.

3. I request books at NetGalley even though I hate reading on my laptop. I just can't resist it. I must read a book as soon as it's on NG and I can't possibly wait to be published.

4. More than once I returned book to the library without opening it. No need to explain.

5. I gave 5 stars to Twilight saga. Don't hate me, but I read them when I was like 14.

6. You need to be careful with my books. I borrowed one of my books to my friend and she returned it to me with one page ripped out. I was so pissed of. I probably still am.

7. I loved Nicholas Sparks' books. Young and naive.

8. I never read reviews before I read the book. Sometimes I even like some review without reading it, but I read them eventually.

9. This one will be hard to explain. Few years ago a book was published by paparazzi here. It told about all scandals without naming people or starts (I won't go into details but they don't deserve to be called that). I utterly hated it and everyone in my class wanted to read it. So one day I found that book (yes it was one copy which everyone read) and trow it away. They though it was lost and few days later they got new one. Our teacher found that one and took it. The same day they brought new one. So yeah all 35 (it was 36 of us in my class) read it, of course you know who is that one person. Me, of course. For the record only 7 of them read Crime and Punishment.

10. I can't believe I'm saying this. Actually no one knows for this. But I've read 50 Shades of Gray. Skimmed is better word than read (curiosity is strange thing). I hate it. That's why I want to forget it.

I can't believe it, but I actually have ten confessions. Wow, I'm impressed.

Until the next time,

Broj komentara: 8:

  1. hahaha Tanja I love your list!! :) :) The 4 made me laugh so hard :D I did this too when I was yunger :D :D I gave Twilight 5 stars too :P And I've read 50 shades of Gray and I didn't hate it :P ;) And me too, don't read reviews before I've read the book. Anything for me is a spoiler :P :P

  2. Thanks! :) I still do it. I just pick some random book and then when I check it out I see it's bad. I just give up :D Yes it is! :P I don't even read blurb let alone review! :D

  3. Why didn't you tell me about Fifty??? :)

  4. I've only read one Nicholas Sparks book, and I was surprised by how short it was. :)

  5. I wouldn't give up on audiobooks after just trying one... Perhaps you should try another? I've heard a few pretty awesome ones but I agree, some can be a little lame :)

  6. Darling, dunno..I don't wanted you to be disappointed! ;)

    Colin - his books are all the same way, they're sweet and all that but lame.

    Amanda I listened whole Georgina Kincaid series and I really couldn't get into it. Maybe I should search for some better! :)

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