10. ruj 2012.

{Blog Tour} Pretty When She Kills by Rhiannon Frater

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Book summary:

"Amaliya Vezorak never believed in happy endings…
When Amaliya harnessed her necromancer powers to defeat her greatest enemy, she believed she had finally found a happy ending with Cian, her lover and the master of Austin. That happiness is short-lived when the vampire ruling over San Antonio attempts a takeover of Austin in order to capture Amaliya and use her power for his own devices. 
To make matters worse, Samantha, Cian’s ex-fiancée, is seeing ghosts, the untested vampire hunters of Austin are running scared as a supernatural war looms, a mysterious man is hunting Amaliya with the help of her one time lover, Pete, and Rachoń, the Summoner’s favorite progeny, appears to be out for revenge.
When Amaliya’s grandmother, a powerful medium, experiences terrible visions that reveal there is another necromancer vampire and she is crying out for help, Amaliya realizes happy endings do not come easily…"

What I thought about it....

     This was such a fun book to read! I enjoyed reading it even more than Pretty When She Dies (you can read our review for the first book in trilogy here).

    Rhiannon Frater continues to write story about Amaliya in the same doomed and gloomed mode. Right from the opening scene you will already be forced to cover your head and scream: "Bloody hell!!!"

     Biggest difference compared to the first book is that Pretty When She Kills has this... how to put it? Romantic side? But let me assure you that romance in this book is more like something that you could find in True Blood than in Twilight. And when I say True Blood, I mean blood, lust and tearing clothes. Also, you will read stories about other characters, mainly Samantha and Jeff. Sam's POW was my favorite part of the whole book. I liked the way her relationship with Amaliya developed and her new found ghost-whisperer abilities.
Rhiannon introduces us with some new characters - keep an eye on the new girl, Bianca. I had to pick up my jaw from the floor.

     I don't usually imagine actors or musicians as characters from the latest book I've read, but this time I just couldn't help myself. For me Amaliya is Megan Fox - long back hair, tattoos, and blue eyes, whole good girl gone bad thing. I'm wondering if author used her as the inspiration.

     If you go to The Bookish Brunette, you can win paperback copy of Pretty When She Kills plus some extra swag. Make sure to visit other blog tour stops to see what other bloggers have to say about Rhiannon's new book.

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  ***NOTE! Copy of the book is kindly provided by Rhiannon Frater. (Thank you!!!) I'm not paid for writing review - I do this for free as lover of written word. All opinions in this review are personal.



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  1. I think I have the first book on my Kindle. I better get to it soon!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!



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