6. stu 2012.

Tanja's Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books I'll Never Read

As every Tuesday we bring you Top Ten Tuesday, which is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.    Our task is to pick top ten picks on certain task. This week is rewind so I picked ten books I'll never read. Here they're.

1. The Da Vinci Code nor any other book by Mr. Brown. Just not my thing.

2. House of Night series by P.C. Cast. I even planed to, got first book form the library and everything, but then I saw that this has 10 books published and 11th on the way. No thank you.

3. The rest of The Vampire Diaries series. I've read first two or three books but same as #2 this thing will never end and I don't have enough nerves to read all that.

4. Second and third book from Fifty Shades trilogy. First one was enough (too much better said).

5. Any Greek tragedy. One was enough.

6. Any horror book. Simply not my thing. When I say horror I don't mind those semi-horror YA books, I mean something like Stephen King and Co.

7. The rest of the Celestra series. I didn't like the first and this series will carry on forever as it seems.

8. The rest of The Premonition series. I'd say anything else about this series. I've already said enough bad things.

9. This should be first pick, but if Glass, Zemira and Miss agree that a book is bad I'll not read it.

10. Any book written by Justin Bieber, One Direction, David Beckham, or whatever "star". No explanation needed.

As always feel free to link up your picks so I can check them out.

Until the next time,

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  1. LMFAO....XD A book by 1D or Justin Beiber!!!! I wouldn't read that either! But, I agree with the House of Night series...I tried the first one but didn't like it at ALL! D: I still haven't read the Fifty series, so I can't say anything but I am still keeping an open mind! :D

    Thanks for sharing, Tanja! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  2. Yeah let's say I'm not of "stars" writing the books moment. xD I haven't even tried I just can't, but it's good you don't like them, so I don't miss anything :D Good luck with that :)

  3. Hahaha, great list!

    I probably will never read The Da Vinci Code, too, although I do love books like that ;)

    Also, House of Night & 50 Shades are on my never-to-try list.

    And I totally agree about #10 lol I never would've thought about those books :D

  4. lol. I will also not read any of those small little books for fans of Justin Beiber or anyone really. I would read a memoir of a celebrity just not them.

    Aw! I've never read The Vampire Diaries books but I want to as well as The Secret Circle books. I love the VD show. Do you watch it? If so how is it compared to the books?
    She’s Got Books on Her Mind

  5. hahaha :D You don't miss ANYTHING by not reading The House of the Night serie. I did and I regret it everyday. Waste of my time.
    I liked the DaVinci's code though :P Even though there is no romance, I really enjoyed this book. Angels and demons as well ;)

  6. Fifty shades. I haven't even read the first book and I don't want to. Shame that you don't like Dan Brown, I like his work :) Bernini is really good.

    And I don't ever read books written by stars, ugk.


  7. I don't see what's funny :P Kidding, but really do we need a book written by Justin Bieber?
    Oh that's good to hear so The House of the Night goodbye! :)

  8. Vampire Diaries or anything horror don't appeal to me either - it just isn't interesting at all.
    Top Ten Tuesday @ the Brunette Librarian

  9. LOL, number 10 is the best. :)
    Kids in my school, mostly girls, have this book ih their wish list ;)
    and yes, they wanted this book in school library.. yeah, right! :P

  10. I heard so many bad things about The Vampire Diaries books... I think I'll stick with the tv series :)

  11. LOL for the girls xD Maybe you should discuss about the book on class xD
    About the TVD, don't read it. Series is much, much better :)
    Thank you for stopping by! :)



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