29. stu 2012.

Sidebar update!

We are both currently busy (Glass has a lot work to do at school and I have to study for my midterms) but we'll try to keep posting daily. Today in this holiday spirit we wanted to thank our followers. We're thankful to every single one of you. It really means a lot.

Few of them deserve special thanks for commenting I believe daily - Sam, Maida, Brandi, Sarika, Janhvi, Jasprit, Rachel, Wendy,  Renu, Leanne, Farah, Adriana... We haven't forgot all our friends from GoodReads and Twitter! We love you all.

Once more thank you. Really, it means a lot. On the right sidebar you can find the blogroll of the blogs we love. We'll add more blogs from time to time :)


Until the next time....

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  1. Aww! You are most welcome, Glass and Tanja!
    Your posts are always great and deserve all the lovely comments that you get!
    Thank you for mentioning Janhvi and me, it really means a lot and is highly appreciated. ♥
    All the best for your mid-terms, Tanja! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. Thanks for everything! :)
    I really love all the blogges! :)

  3. Awww you guys are super sweet! Thank you for mentioning us! I love stopping by here and reading your fresh and enthusiastic reviews! I feel like were great friends already in this short space of time! No worries I understand how crazy things can be, looking forward to your new posts whenever you're ready! :)

  4. Thank you! I'm always happy to see you. The Readers Den has always been one of my fave blogs :)
    We have few posts ready ;)

  5. Hey there! Found you on Book Blogs, new follower! I'd appreciate it if you checked out mine too!


  6. Good luck with your midterms and thank you! We appreciate all your lovely comments as well. :)

  7. @Alise, nice to meet you!

    Thank you, girls! <3



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