25. stu 2012.

Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

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Book summary: 

A heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship forged between a straight-A, classical musician and a bad-boy guitar player told through notes, lyrics, texts, and narration.

What Tanja though about it...

               I'm weak! But before I tell you why I should start from beginning. Ha! Nope I'm not teasing. Beginning meaning the blurb cause I simply love it. I'm that one person who always complains how blurbs reveal to much but this one is perfect it has enough info to get you interested in the book but still doesn't tell you anything at the same time.

               Now I'm coming to that me-weak part. Yeah I really am, cause it doesn't take much (for a book at least) to go under my skin. This is one of the examples how that works. This book is so sweet that I can't even explain it. It's so innocent but yet so mature and full of feelings. Maybe you'd say that the story is typical but you have no idea how wrong that is. I believe a lot of kids or teens can relate to this book, if you can the give this book to your parents. If you're still waiting for me to tell you more about the story, you're at the wrong place my friend cause this is something you have to live through yourself. Oh and I won't even get started about how much I cried.

              One more thing is when you read this (or those who have) head over to Thrum Society and you know why. At the end it doesn't matter that I'm becoming too old for this type of the story, I still have to feed this kiddo/teen that'll always be part of me.
              And yes....

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  1. I love the cover, the title, the sound of this book and your review! Gosh, this seems like the perfect read that I will be checking out soon. Nice review, Tanja! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. Yes everything sounds lovely I know! :) Oh I hope you'll like it! :)

  3. Oh this is a beautiful review Tanja, I love music themed books and I seem to be in that phase where I'm loving books that make me cry too! You have me super intrigued about this book and you've just left me hanging! :)

  4. It's really sweet and beautiful :) I hope you'll get to read it soon :)

  5. I've actually heard of this book, everyone keeps giving it amazing ratings. I totally complain about blurbs, too! But more about whether they draw you in ... b/c if you can't judge a book by its cover, you've got to judge it by the blurb, right? Amazing Review!

    ~Annie & Demi @ Characterized Book Reviews
    -New Followers (:

  6. I hope you'll get to read it soon. Yeah you're right about that, but sometimes you should just pick a book. My friend Glass recommended me this one and she knows better than anyone what I like. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following! :)

  7. Even though I haven't read many music themed books, it is a genre that I enjoy reading! I haven't heard about this book before, and since your review I am temped to read it! :D

  8. This sounds amazing! I was thinking of buying this a few weeks ago but I wasn't sure if I should. I love that it's sweet and I'll definitely be checking it out now :) Great review!

  9. The blurb alone would sway me to pick up this book, but I think your gushing pushed me over the line. Great review. :)

  10. I am sooo curious about this book! I love the sound of it, and it being sweet it;s definitely my kind of book! I am excited about this! Glad you enjoyed it. Fabulous Review, Tanja! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  11. I honestly hope you'll all enjoy! Thank you all for stopping by and for your kind words :)

  12. Ah, I have noticed in some of my reviews too that there is no review really but a post of praise and delight at reading that book. You try so hard to tell other readers just to read it because it's magnificent. Definitely will add this to my TBR. I love authors who tweet you back. I bet it made your day (;
    Love music in books too!

  13. That's at least I can do. I mean that way I'm thanking the authors for giving us these awesome books but also asking readers to pick up a book and enjoy in it. Yes it did...especially cause I haven't tweeted first. I'm extremely happy when I see that authors care about their readers :)



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