3. kol 2012.

The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann Brashares

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Book summary:

Set on Long Island's Fire Island, The Last Summer (of You and Me) is an enchanting, heartrending page-turner about sisterhood, friendship, love, loss, and growing up. It is the story of a beach community friendship triangle-Riley and Alice, two sisters in their twenties, and Paul, the young man they've grown up with-and what happens one summer when budding love, sexual curiosity, a sudden serious illness, and a deep secret all collide, launching the friends into an adult world from which their summer haven can no longer protect them. 

As wise, compelling, and endearing as her Traveling Pants series, and as lyrical, thoughtful, and moving as the best literary women's fiction, this novel is sure to win an entire new generation of adult fans.

       I found this book at the library few days ago and I was so happy about it. I've read Ann's My name is memory book and I really loved it. Unfortunately the same didn't happen with this book.
       This book was such a cliche! From the title you can guess where this story goes and then when you read you have the whole picture, except the end. As always you have three best friends - two sisters and a boy. After growing up together their lives divide. Few years later they all get back to the place where they grow up. Only now things are slightly complicated. They aren't kids anymore and some feelings start to emerge. Just to say, there is not love triangle in this book. Thank Goodness! But still the love story gets complicated. In the meantime some, I must add unexpected, things happen. This was one plus to the story. Another is the sentences. The whole writing, with long narrations I didn't like, but some sentences were lovely. For people who like meaningful and beautiful sentence, have a piece of paper while you're reading this.
       You could possibly enjoy this book while you're at the beach. It's easy read with shallow characters and love story. I'm not person for that type of the book (nor I read it at the beach). As you can see huge disappointment this book was for me.

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  1. Sorry you were disappointed, but it sounds good for what it is a light read.
    I hope that your next is better.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Yeah at leas I read it in like 2 hours. Thank you!



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