7. kol 2012.

Tanja's Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Posts On My Blog That Would Give The Best Picture of Me

As every Tuesday we host a meme, created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week our task is to name 10 posts that give the best picture of us. This will be tough one for me, as I'm not to personal in my review but let's try.

1. First is About Us tab. Not a review I know, but there you can find some basic info.

2. Second is our post on Libster Blog Award. At 11 facts about me, you can find some things about me.

3. Third post is not a review as well. It's on my GoodReads page that says about me. It's a quote but it's something that I would say, maybe not as good as Zafon did.

Now some reviews 
There is no order in this. I'll go as I remember them.

4. My review for The Storyteller. That book caused many emotions in me, that are still inside. I don't believe I'll ever be able to forget this book.

5. My review for The Day Before. This review is probably the most, let's say, personal. I didn't say much, but you can see some things about me.

6. Next is my review for Pure. Here you can actually find two things about me. First is that my favourite colour is blue and second that I have huge crush on Aiden.

7. This one should've been few places up, but never mind. It's my review for The Night Circus. Last two sentences especially.

8. My review for Insurgent won't tell you much, but I said that I'd probably end up in Amity fraction and that tells you something.

9. Another review, this time for Temptation. I'll see that I can't stand crying girls anymore and it's true. Luckily after that book I haven't came across any.

10. This review for Ethereal won't tell you anything. Only you'll see the picture of Sheldon and now I'm telling you that I think that guy is awesome!

Woha I did it! I though I'd never be able to do this.

Until the next time,

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