16. svi 2012.

Quote of the Week: Black Dawn by Rachel Caine

     We are wondering do you have your favourite vampire... Hmmm, stupid question! Of course you do! My absolutely top favourite vampire series would be Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine. So, this week I'm bringing you one of the most amazing kissing scenes ever.

Qoute of the Week:

His smile was bright and sweet and hot enough to melt solid steel. “Is this the part where I kiss you?” “If you like.”
 “Oh,” he said, “I like.” 
And he leaned forward, gripping the arms of my chair, and slowly, slowly, sweetly brought that mouth to me. It was a long, lovely kiss, the kind that melts your spine and fills you with sunlight and steals your breath away. The kind that, as far as I knew, only Michael Glass could give me, because he knew, he just knew that kissing me with those gentle little butterfly-soft presses would make my toes curl, and the way that the teasing sank into something deeper, darker, more intensely needy. His tongue stroked my lips, and I let them part, hungry for him, for the taste of him. 
I had missed him so, so, so much. Missed this. 
Missed us. 
“Eve?” He kept his lips close, punctuating his words with small little electric brushes of our skin. My own mouth felt swollen, tingling, intensely and darkly aware. “I think … we should … find some … privacy. Right now.”

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  1. oo gosh i wish i had me a michael glass!!!! GREAT post! Thanks for checking out my site, I'm following you back :)



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