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Blog Tour: The Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler


 Release date: June 12th, 2012.
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Book summary:
She tried telling herself to stop, but it was useless. Something had fully claimed her mind and body. A sound began to erupt from inside her chest, a deep sort of growl that seized her entire being. She felt as if there was a grizzly bear inside her, trying to escape. And then a deafening roar echoed from her mouth, only inches away from Lancer’s face. It took everything inside of her not to attack him.
In Julia’s life, timing is everything. Like the time her paranoid father put bars on her window so she wouldn’t sneak out at night—even though she’s never given him a reason not to trust her. Or the time this weird new kid showed up at her school and pretty much every girl in sight instantly and inexplicably fell in love with him. What was up with that?
But as time moves on, things in Julia’s life go from strange to seriously impossible. Now it’s all she can do to keep herself and the life she’s always known from falling apart.
This fast-paced action-adventure story is packed with humor, romance, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to the very last page. Get lost in a world of hidden royalty, shifting alliances, and dangerous vendettas, but don’t ever forget: nothing is what it seems.

     The Shapeshifter's Secret is debut novel writen by new young adult author Heather Ostler. Book is coming out on June 12th, but you would be able to prepare yourself for this new YA title by visiting all virtual tour stops during May. All of you who live near by should come to King's English Bookshop on June 14th and join Heather on The Shapeshifter's Secret Launch Party.

 What Glass thought about it...

      This is sweet story in which will enjoy younger readers. Magic, Hogwarts-like boarding school, nymphs, castles and secret royalty. I'd be honest with you guys. The Shapeshifter's Secret has its ups and downs. Some parts left me frustrated and some made me swoon. Beginning is little bit too fast and there are lot of things left hanging loose. I wasn't really "convinced" by love story between Julia and  Terrence but I'm guessing that that's all part of Heather's "evil" master plan to make us addicted to this series. Swoon part of the book is Caleb - boy who introduces Julia to the secrets of her tru nature and Ossai history. You'll see why! Probablly the strongest thing about The Shapshifter's Secret is the story about friendship and girl power. I believe that many of you will find this novel as ideal start of your summer reading list.

What Tanychy thought about it...

     Yes, I agree with you Glass. Young YA paranormal readers will find this book quite interesting. While I, like you , have read a lot of paranormal things so we see things differently. Basically the whole idea about shapeshifting in this story is interesting and positive. Only I couldn't find myself lost in story or I couldn't relate with characters and to be honest the whole book is a little bit forgettable. All in all, this book is really readable, you'll read it in few hours. If you're about to meet whole paranormal world and you're looking for something light and interesting to read then I recommend you this book. 

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***NOTE! Copy of the book is kindly provided by the publisher, Cedar Fort via NetGalley. We are not paid for writing review - we do this for free as lovers of written word. All opinions in this review are personal.

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