10. svi 2012.

Blog Tour: The Last Keeper by Michelle Birbeck

     Do you want to know why May is my favourite month in the year? Other than the fact that it's (almost) beginning of the summer? All the best books come out in May. I'm happy that I'm part of blog tour for one of them - The Last Keeper by Michelle Birback. You have never met vampires as you'll see them here. Or kick-ass girl who protect us, poor humans, from them.

Book summary:

Fifteen hundred years ago, Serenity Cardea took the life of the only vampire she ever regretted killing—Henry, her sister’s husband. With her sister brutally murdered, Serenity had little choice but to grant Henry the only request he had: death.  Centuries later, Serenity is no closer to discovering who betrayed them or instigated the massacre of her brothers and sisters.
The vampires want dominance—over their food, the other races . . . the world. To get it, they’ve systematically hunted down and slaughtered the only ones standing in their way. The Keepers.
As a Keeper, Serenity is tasked with protecting the delicate balance between the creatures of the world: Vampire, Witch, Were, and Human. Her kind exists to ensure that no single race sways the balance, dooming the world to destruction.  
They're on the brink of extinction, with no sign of return. Now only two remain, and Serenity’s last brother is facing death, leaving her standing alone against a never-ending tide of vampires, all wanting one thing: power.
Then she meets Ray Synclair, a history professor in training with a passion for centuries past, and the harsh reality of her limited time comes crashing down on her. He is her weakness. His mortality is the countdown on Serenity’s life, and with each passing second, it comes closer to the end, for both of them.
She must uncover the secrets of her people’s past and find out who betrayed them—and who is still doing so—before it’s too late.
Serenity’s days are numbered, and Ray will be drawn into a world of myth and legend, where just being alive is enough to get him hunted down.
Because the only way to kill a Keeper is to kill their partner . . .

      What I liked the most and something that's unusual for fantasy novels - the first half of the book is set during World War Two. It feels like you're watching TV series about Hercule Poirot with David Suchet playing the famous detective. But with supernatural twist and immortal girl as "Poirot". It was all so realistic - from language and clothes to the social customs of that time. Second part is set in the seventies - disco music and post flower children euphoria.
     Fictional world building is one of the strongest parts of The Last Keeper. There are no loose threads or inconsistencies in the plot. Same thing goes for characters. Although, I'm not sure if this novel could be labeled as romance, there is the love story - good one as a matter of fact. This is girl-saves-the-boy type of the story.
     I'd recommend The Last Keeper to everyone who wants to read different kind of paranormal novel. You won't be disappointed.
     Make sure to check out other blog tour stops - you can find schedule here.

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***NOTE! Copy of the book is kindly provided by the publisher, The Writer's Coffee Shop. I'm not paid for writing review - I do this for free as lover of written word. All opinions in this review are personal. 

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  1. Knjiga me zanima otkad sam vidjela njenu naslovnicu ovdje kod tebe...

  2. Knjiga je zanimljiva - ima malo neobičnu "mitologiju". Nadam se da ćeš je pročitati.



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