17. srp 2012.

Tanja's Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books For People Who Like X Book

Good morning. It's Tuesday today so it's time for

As you probably know this is meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This Tuesday the task is to recommend 10 books for people who like some book. So I picked The Summer I Turned Pretty as many people on GoodReads asked me to recommend them something similar to this book. 

So here we go...

1. Logically it's second and third book from this series. That means It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have Summer

2. Next is Perfect Chemistry series. You have three book in this series and maybe the story is different but I believe you'll enjoy it. 

3. This is also one of the books that I loved. It's Anna and the French Kiss. Really funny and lovely teen book. I should probably recommend you other books by Stephanie Perkins but the thing is I still haven't read it (yeah, I've been really bad). 

4. Again it's another series, actually two books in this series. First one is If I Stay and next one is Where She Went

5. Next one is I believe any book by Jennifer Echols. My personal favourite is Forget You.

6. Now comes one with really beautiful structure - The Sky is Everywhere. One note, please if you have that possibility read actual book not ebook. Book looks like a diary and it's full of pictures. You'll love it.

7. This one will maybe be mystery for you, cause I don't believe it's so popular in USA and other countries as it is in Italy, Spain, here and some other European countries. Two book actually in this series first one is called Three Steps Over Heaven and second one is I Want You. (I'm not 100% sure about the titles cause I wasn't able to find English versions).

8. Obviously I can't put romance book list without this man. So here is A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. I don't have to say anything about his books, but I'll tell you that this one is my favourite of all his books. 

9. Now I'll put those books together cause I believe you may like them only those aren't for young reader. They have certain scenes but still I great love stories. Here they are EasyThe Opportunist, Beautiful Disaster Callum & Harper and Thoughtless series

10. Those are also special, cause the thematic is maybe slightly different but I believe you'll love them. Also not appropriated for younger readers because of some scenes. Here they are Jellicoe RoadThe Storyteller and Forbidden.

Apparently only I can create top 10 list with more than 10 books. Sorry for that but I just had to mention all of them. I feel guilty for not mentioning some books, but...well. 
Another thing that binds those book together is that every single of them made me cry really hard and also I fell in love with them.
I hope you'll find some book that you might like.

Until the next time,

Broj komentara: 8:

  1. I agree with 2., 3. and 5. :)))

  2. I really need to pick up Jellicoe Road, I've heard such good things about it. Thanks for sharing these super titles and for stopping by :)

  3. You won't regret it! :))
    You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by! :)

  4. I love most of what you have listed - the others I really need to check out. I love the look of Easy and Beautiful Disaster, and I have been meaning to read The Sky Is Everywhere for ages!

  5. I'm happy to hear that! :) I hope you'll enjoy those too! :)
    Oh you should it's really great! :)

  6. Ack! I haven't read the Summer I turned Pretty yet.. also Anna and the French kiss... and If I Stay... oh what shame! this is embarrassing. lol.

    Anyway, I love Jennifer Echols' books, love her writing style.

    Thanks for stopping by my top ten! Great list! :D

  7. Oh I hope you'll read them soon!! :)
    You're welcome, thank you for stopping by :D



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