7. srp 2012.

#DaemonInvasion second round for team #DaeVision

Hello all. As some of you know I'm one of the members of team DaeVision and luckily we managed to pass to first round and continue competition. If you don't know about this competition you can find all about it in my first post about #DaemonInvasion. Now little updates.

In the meantime a lot of things happened. Jennifer, together with her team and Pepe and Sztella (if you don't know - they're models on the covers of Obsidian, Onyx and probably other books in series), made trailers for her books. Now I want to show you trailer for Obsidian.

Trailers for Onyx and other books aren't out yet. Till then team #DaeVision will continue with their tasks. You can still support us by liking our Facebook page. For all of you who already support us - Thank you!

Until the next time,

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